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Hello! I’m excited that you want to find out more about working with me.

If you’re an online entrepreneur who’s feeling overstretched, frustrated and unable to fully focus on what you do best, then you’re in the right place.

I can help you get more time, focus and clarity by creating the space you need to scale your business in a sustainable way.

While many business owners are understandably focused on growth, in my experience trying to grow a business that’s not running smoothly only creates more chaos.

In fact, the question I most want to explore when working with an entrepreneur is this:

How can we maintain your current level of success but free up significant extra time and mental bandwidth that you can then spend on growing your business?

The answer usually involves focusing on what’s already working well, solving recurring problems once and for all and making sure everything is running as smoothly as possible behind the scenes.

Trying to grow a business that's not running smoothly only creates more chaos
Entrepreneurs who have hit a growth ceiling

Who am I best suited to help?

As a result, I tend to work best with entrepreneurs who already have a profitable online business but have hit a growth ceiling due to the day-to-day demands of keeping things running.

On the other hand we’re probably not a good fit for each other if:

  • You haven’t started your online business yet and are not sure which direction to take
  • You have an e-commerce business selling physical products rather than information products or coaching or consulting services
  • Your challenges are primarily mindset rather than strategy or execution-related. (While there’s a coaching element to what I do, I’m not a trained coach. What I bring to the table is the knowledge and expertise to set you on the right path.)

If it sounds like we might work well together, let’s book a free discovery call.

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What Other People Say

The huge thing I gained from working with Glen was successfully pivoting my business without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. His clarity exercises and strategy sessions helped me see how I could meet my objectives with a much lower-risk strategy.

Leading up to the launch, he helped with project planning, email strategy, pricing strategy, and tool selection. And during the launch itself, he was a calm and stable presence, helping manage the stress of a 6-figure launch and make data-driven course corrections on the fly.

Working with Glen was like working with a business partner. It was amazing to have that kind of relationship where I could trust him to always do the right thing by my business, without bringing any ego to the table.

He wasn’t afraid to push me in certain areas, like selling, but he also knew when to step back. I could count on him to advise me and hold me accountable without ever making me feel like I was being driven in a direction I didn’t want to go.

The best thing was that he didn’t just give me clarity and an effective strategy, but he was also in the trenches with me day-to-day helping move things forward.

I loved working with Glen and I’m already exploring ways to work with him again!

– Sumitha Bhandarkar, AFineParent Founder and CEO

I hired Glen to help me improve the performance of my paid membership program, The Cocoon.

After digging into the sales and retention data he created a simple strategy to optimize the sales funnel and drive traffic to it using a free Facebook challenge.

As part of this process he helped me distill my core offer down to three central membership “pillars” and create a brand new sales page to reflect that messaging.

Glen also helped me devise a free challenge to attract and engage participants who would be a good fit for the paid program.

Upon launch, the challenge generated strong engagement and converted well among participants, boosting the number of paid members in the program by 30%.

In parallel, Glen also redesigned and rewrote my new member onboarding email sequence to optimise it for engagement and retention.

Glen was knowledgeable, professional and responsive, and I would happily work with him again!

– Erin Thomas Wong, Entrepreneur and Owner of The Mumpreneur Collective

I initially hired Glen to help us rethink the way we were selling our “done for you” blogging services to prospective clients.

He quickly identified opportunities not only to position ourselves more strategically with our clients but also to realize some valuable quick wins for the business.

Then as part of a broader analysis of the business he led us through a simple process which gave us more clarity around our short and medium-term priorities.

Once into implementation, he helped us to shift our core messaging and create new service packages to increase the scope and perceived value of what we do.

The response so far has been very positive and I’m confident that these changes and our renewed clarity have set BlogWorks up for strong performance in 2021.

– Hugh Culver, BlogWorks Founder, Best-Selling Author and Professional Speaker

Before Glen took over operations at Smart Blogger, I spent most of my day doing a gazillion things I had to do to keep the business running. I never felt like I could focus or “zoom out” or even rest. It was a never-ending treadmill and it made me pretty miserable.

But then, for the first time in years, I had quite a bit of freedom to decide what to do with my time. I felt like I could think more clearly and strategically as well as focus on the small number of things that truly mattered. And I think the business saw enormous benefits as well.

In addition, whenever the company ran into a big, tangled dilemma with no clear answer, I could always count on Glen to untangle it and figure it out. I felt safe having him make decisions on behalf of the company, and it’s impossible for me to describe how valuable that was.

Finally, I valued his ability to help me (and the company as a whole) make better decisions. Ultimately all I care about is doing the right thing, and the likelihood of that happening when Glen was involved in the decision was higher.

– Jon Morrow, Smart Blogger CEO and 7-Figure Online Business Owner